About Us

FunkKit is a team of young creatives with a passion and wild imagination for a new kind of sneaker art. We believe that personal expression is a fundamental of life. We think everyone should have the freedom to customize their sneakers as often as they want!

FunkKit skins oras we call them, Stickers4Sneakers, enable you to customize your footwear in less than 5 minutes! With a large number of designs that come in a size to fit almost all kinds of shoe you’ll never be short FunkKit Stickers for Sneakers for a unique, colorful and artistic look.

Only FunkKit’s stickers for sneakers are made of a custom, high end material with exclusive properties that make them flexible, water resistant, seamless, as well as both easy to apply and remove.

The FunkKit team never stops looking to find the most colorful and interesting designs for maximum personal expression and skin variety. If you have a great design or statement for a Funkkit Sticker, we want to know about it!! And if you are a graphic designer and want to join our team, please visit our Designers Area. Everyone can contact us via our website www.FunkKit.com.

Looking to set up a collaboration with FunkKit?
Feel free to contact us by email or through the online contact form. We’ll get back to you a.s.a.p and as previously said, we pride ourselves on being a young, creative and dynamic team and we’re always open to new ideas.

You keep the suggestions coming and we’ll keep making them!!

Enjoy and Go Creative!
FunkKit Team

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  1. Cindy Battershell says:

    How can I buy these stickers?

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