Full Design Pattern Stickers for Sneakers

Funkkit Customize Your Shoes in 3 Steps FunkKit’s stickers for sneakers are made of high-end material, printing, and technology which is no similar to other normal sticker you are familiar with. The material has special characteristics. It’s thin, flexible, durable and most importantly removable.

The “Full Design Pattern” kit includes 2 design strips, 2 transparent tracing papers and instructions. It takes anywhere between 3 – 15 minutes to customize your shoes.
Simply, Trace, Cut, Stick!
You are invited to check out the latest designs at our online gallery.

Designers – Are you familiar with .AI ?
More than just stickers for sneakers, FunkKit is a community-based enterprise that combines art, technology and footwear, by offering designers to submit their own artwork. We would love it if you would consider submitting a design for us to use on our skins.

How do you start?
Simply Download FunkKit’s Submission Kit, and start creating your unique design, any theme is possible! Take your time and come up with the wildest original idea. Something so amazing that people wearing your designed Stickers-4-Sneakers will be stopped wherever they go and be begged to have those shoes.

What’s in it for you?
In addition to adding versatility to your portfolio, FunkKit provides an opportunity to showcase your artwork on an international platform at the heart of a new up-and-coming category of expression in global apparel. FunkKit’s skins, or as we call them, Stickers-for-Sneakers, are currently distributed online and in a variety of retail stores, mall stands, and promotional campaigns worldwide.

See below for featured “Full Pattern Design” stickers:

FunkKit Stickers for Sneakers 1


FunkKit Stickers for Sneakers 2

FunkKit Stickers for Sneakers 3

FunkKit Stickers for Sneakers 4

FunkKit Stickers for Sneakers 5

FunkKit Stickers for Sneakers 6

FunkKit Stickers for Sneakers 7

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