FunkKit Pre-Cut Stickers-for-Sneakers

FunkKit Pre Cut Stickers-for-Sneakers

We are proud to share with you our new FunkKit Stickers-for-Sneakers collection. This collection is comprised with the same familiar stickers for sneaker, yet without the need for scissors and cutting. FunkKit’s Pre-Cut Stickers for Sneakers are already cut according to the image size. Simply peel the sticker off and stick it on the desired area of the shoe.

In celebration of our new collection, we want to offer you the opportunity to design the best colorful and creative Pre-Cut designs. The top designs will be promoted on our website and sold worldwide!!

Join FunkKit’s design team to win a publicity boost.
Here’s how it works:


Download the Pre-Cut AI. template.


Open in illustrator.


Delete the current sample design and create your artwork. Do not change locked graphics, such as SKU code, Stickers for Sneakers header, borders, etc.


Submit your designs to
If the file is too large you may service like

Please follow these Instructions before submitting your designs:

Illustrator Template Sample• The designs MUST be on our design templates.
• Designs need to be in high quality image. Minimum resolution of 300 DPI with the Color Model: CMYK.
• Images size – the size of the each image (figures, shapes, characters) in the design itself should not be bigger than 4 cm height.
• Offset Path/Figure bleed – at least 2mm.
• The distance between one die cut and secondary has to be at least 2-2.5 mm.
• Image die cut border – each image border should not include sharp curves and angles. See sample image on the below.Right Wrong
• Your artwork has to be 100% owned by you without infringing copyrights. No Logo’s allowed.
• A submission can be disqualified if it contains material or themes that we find inappropriate.
• Please do not change the sticker’s size, borders or header. Your actual design artwork should be inside the green line border.
• Please remember, all files should be sent to us in .AI file format and open for edit, if final corrections are necessary.

The possibilities are endless, download the template file now and go creative! Feel free to contact us with any questions or issues you may have at

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