FunkKit’s collaboration with Facebook and Lacoste

You might have heard whispers yesterday about our latest collaboration with Facebook and Lacoste. In case you haven’t realized yet, it was only an April Fool’s joke. :) We decided to join some other online companies and have fun with it. Google certainly took advantage of the day with their fake 8-bit version of Google Maps, and so did Toshiba, with its “Shapes” tablet, which was being offered in the shape of an oval, diamond or heart and was meant to be a more personalised way of sharing information. (It seems we’re not the only ones who understand the importance of customization!)

However, the photo below does show a real FunkKit sticker. We received this photo from a big facebook fan. Her friend Tuti bought the Sky Blue pattern, then cut it out to look like the facebook logo and then gave it to her friend as a gift. We think it looks great!

Collaboration - FunkKit - Facebook - Lacoste

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2 Responses to FunkKit’s collaboration with Facebook and Lacoste

  1. catrina says:

    really cute i was wondering if you guys could do dora the explorer so i could customize my daughter shoes and hello kitty for my oldest daughter please if you can email me asap so i can place an order. p.s if you can and i can have them by her 4th birthday on the 3rd of march trust me when i say you will have a thousand more orders from my friends and family alone lets just say im ssort of a trend setter lol hope to hear from you soon

  2. Admin says:

    Thank you Catrina, we currently don’t offer branded stickers for sneakers.
    You are invited to take a look at our online gallery for more than 80 different designs. .

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