Full Pattern Stickers4Sneakers at Lower Prices, Starting Today!

As a thank you to our customers for your continual support, FunkKit has decided to permanently lower all Full Pattern sticker prices from now on! Each Full Pattern kit will now retail for only $8.20, making shoe customization more affordable than ever! You can find our gallery of Full Pattern and Pre Cut Stickers4Sneakers here.

New Lower Priced FunkKit Designs

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Wandering the Web Sneaker Designs

As you can probably tell by now, we at FunkKit love sneakers! We are always on the lookout for the coolest new sneaker designs and styles, and we figured we would share some of the more interesting ones with Tetris Chuck Shoeskeds facebook custom sneakersyou because we know you love sneakers too!

We found a lot of cool designs, so we decided to group them together by themes, over a few blog posts. We call this first bunch “Wandering the Web”:

Designers! – Find these creations inspirational? Wanna send us your designs? Download the submission kit and maybe we’ll manufacture your designs in the next Stickers for Sneakers collection.

FunkKit fans! You can help too – send us an email if you have any ideas you’d like us to share.

comic custom design nike

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Endless Possibilities

Although FunkKit’s Stickers for Sneakers are made exclusively for customizing shoes, some of our fans and colleagues use them to customize just about anything they want! Check out these great ideas:

To see how they made this click here

For those of you who don’t want to buy a full extra kit for these projects, you can just use the scraps you have left over after you’ve customized your shoes to customize your laptop, cellphone, memory-stick, or even office cup.

For more creative ideas,
visit: Xuite.net Or Obien’s EZ Stickers webpage.

We love all these innovative ideas for different ways to use FunkKit stickers! Have you ever used our stickers to customize anything unusual? Let us know and we might feature it on our blog! Email us with photos attached.

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Skulls & Ponies DIY

FunkKit has hit the blogs again. This time we collaborated with Fran of skullsandponies.com , who creatively revamped her flats by using cut-outs of the sticker “Cassette-Remember?”. What a great idea! We haven’t seen anything like it before.
Check out the link here for the full tutorial, so that you can make your flats look like hers.

Skulls and Ponies funkkit stickers for sneakersSkulls and Ponies funkkit stickers for sneakers

Fran is also hosting a giveaway of three FunkKit Stickers for Sneakers kits, so make sure to check out her website for the details and enter to win! If you’re interested in creative DIY projects and bargain buys, we recommend checking out the rest of Skulls and Ponies as well- Fran is one very creative girl and her blog is full of fun projects and informative articles. She definitely lives by the FunkKit motto of “Go Creative”.

Thanks Fran, for this great collaboration!

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Whois Who?

Check out the shoes in the pictures below. One of them is a FunkKit original peacock design by Meirav (as applied to a regular sneaker) and one has been manufactured by Creative Recreation (as a permanent design), and originally sold for €150. Can you guess which is which?

Peacok Style Footwear Creative Recreation and FunkKit Stickers

I bet you can’t. They’re practically identical! No one would know that one cost almost 200 USD and the other can be purchased for only $9.20 plus shipping. (The one on the right is the FunkKit shoe, by the way). We are always saying that FunkKit is an inexpensive way to make your shoes look like high fashion, and now you can see for yourself that it’s true! Here’s another pair to compare- this time it’s a Jimmy Choo men’s shoe, retailing at $908 USD, versus Funkkit “Going Wild” by Naria R. and “Zebra Style” by Roy T.:

Jimmy Choo Mens Footwear Zebra StyleCreative Recreation FunkKit Stickers Zebra Wild

Send us an email with any other similar designs you find, and we might feature them in our blog!

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FunkKit now available @ Amazon New Zealand


Funkkit stickers for sneakers at amazon surfFunkKit has teamed up with Amazon Surf stores for our first collaboration in New Zealand!

Amazon surf is a chain of surfing and skateboarding stores located across the island country. They recently merged with the well-known surf store, Billabong, and are continuously launching bigger stores and ambitious projects and collaborations.

FunkKit Stickers for Sneakers are now available in the kicks section of the up-and-coming surf store: www.amazonsurf.co.nz/stores
Check out their website here: www.amazonsurf.co.nz

And if you are near by, purchase a kit, send us a photo of yourself with your customized shoes to info@funkkit.com, and you can win another FREE FunkKit Kit.

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FunkKit @ Gift and Premium Show

Last week we blogged about the tradeshow in Hong Kong and Taiwan that the FunkKit team attended, and how we met people from around the world who came to see what Stickers for Sneakers are all about.
Especially for you, we filmed some of the show and made a video so that all our FunkKit fans could share in the experience.
Check it out below!

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FunkKit @ The Pineneedle Collective Blog

We recently found The Pineneedle Collective, a really cute blog written by an Australian girl named Annika. The blog features cool Do-It-Yourself projects and creative clothing ideasFunkkit Stickers for Sneakers & The Pineneedle CollectiveFunkkit Stickers for Sneakers & The Pineneedle Collective that make us want to run to our closets to try them out for ourselves. Annika recently created a new project with FunkKit’s Stickers for Sneakers, but decided to use the stickers on brogue shoes rather than sneakers. It’s a great use of FunkKit stickers for those of you who don’t wear sneakers very often.

Annika wrote a post about the project, which includes easy animated instructions and ideas for alternative ways touse the stickers. Check it out here:
FunkKit @ The Pineneedle Collective Blog.

She also wasn’t the only one excited about these FunkKit custom oxford shoes, Craftzine, the biggest crafting and DIY online magazine, featured our DIY collaboration on their website!
How-To: Custom Oxfords with Sneaker Stickers

We definitely recommend reading through the other Pine Needle Collective posts as well- the blog is a great resource for anyone who wants to save money, easily make their own clothes, and stay on top of new fashion trends. Annika has a terrific sense of style and lots of creative ideas for how to wear and revamp clothes. She’s also going to feature some more FunkKit projects on the blog, so keep checking back to see what else she has up her sleeve!

Funkkit Stickers for Sneakers & The Pineneedle Collective

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Let the Show Begin! Gift & Premium Show


Funkkit Stickers4Sneakers tradeshow in HKtdcLast month, the FunkKit team took a trip to Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair, to exhibit our Stickers for Sneakers. We set up a booth among hundreds of other exhibitors and met people from all around the world who were looking for new fun and exciting products to bring back to their countries. Since FunkKit is the first company to produce Stickers for Sneakers, we attracted a good deal of attention from visitors and got a lot of compliments for the creative, unique concept idea for shoe customization. FunkKit & Obien Stickers4sneakers show in Taiwan
We received interest from many retailers from Australia, New York, South America, Japan, Hong Kong, and Europe who loved the idea of Stickers for Sneakers.

All in all, FunkKit was very well received in Hong Kong! And we got some time to tour around the city after the show, which was an extra fun perk.

Our Taiwanese counterpart, Obien EZ Stickers, also attended a trade show — Taiwan’s largest and best B2B gifts and stationery purchasing exhibition, “Giftionery Taipei 2012 – Taipei Int’l Gift & Stationery Show 2012″. To find out where in Taiwan you can buy their products, or just to see some really cool and unique ways to use Stickers for Sneakers, visit their website at www.obien.shop.conn.tw.
FunkKit Obien Stickers4Sneakers show in Taiwan
Even the “New York 17″ T-shirt (photo on the left) has been customized with our stickers, a combination of Dorit Maya Gur’s Comic design and Elina Fraerman’s Origami design.

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Multi Collab

FunkKit-Shaun Palmer-Chase
FunkKit, Shaun-Palmer and Chase collab
As you know FunkKit is constantly looking for new and exciting collaboration opportunities. We’ve had lots of fun in the past teaming up with art academies, the Israeli Comic Museum, and various freelance artists.
Recently, our Japanese division joined forces with Chiyoda Co., Japan’s biggest shoe store, to create a limited edition of shoe collection, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Chiyoda’s first Shaun Palmer shoe collection.

Shaun Palmer is a professional American snowboarder, skier, mountain biker, and motocross rider, and loves all kinds of extreme sports. He is so well known that PlayStation 2 even developed a Shaun Palmer Pro Snowboarder game! Palmer and Chiyoda Co., have teamed up to launch a number of shoe collections since their first collaboration ten years ago.

Now, FunkKit is joining this collaboration and together offering a special edition of stickers for sneakers all designed by Chase, a freelance artist currently living in L.A. Chase creates colourful artwork that can brighten your day. Past clients of Chase include Adidas and Puma, so he is no stranger to creating shoe-related art, and we love what we see. Great job!

See more photos of the creative designed shoes at: http://s-palmer.chiyodagroup.net

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