FunkKit welcomes 2012!

Before we turn to 2012, let’s dive back into 2011, and recall some of FunkKit’s highlights from the past year.

FunkKit Workshops
The collaboration with comic and FunkKit Comic Workshop illustration artists such as Dorit Maya Gur, Dan Allon and Matan Liberman have led us to also create FunkKit Workshops for kids ages 7-16. The kids’ creations were amazing; they came up with many new combinations and added their personal touch by drawing with permanent markers on the stickers themselves. The best part was that the kids’ parents were into designing their own shoes, just like their kids.

Designer Community
As you know, FunkKit is more than just Stickers for Sneakers, we provides an opportunity for designers to showcase their artwork.
In April, we started a project with design students in various art, fashion and design institutes. We invited them to create inspirational designs and get involved with FunkKit’s online platform. We had FunkKit’s first designers’ contest and received over 100 designs from designers all over the world. The highlights are currently presented at our online gallery. To read more about our collaboration with Ort Harmalin, click here.

On a personal note, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the talented designers who joined our community, we are incredibly grateful for the support each one of you showed. We don’t take you for granted, and we’re honored to collaborate and share such a close and friendly working relationship with so many of you.

FunkKit going social
2011 also brought a few important marketing and promotion milestones.
We were honored to get attention from major media publications worldwide.
You’re invited to take a look at some of the selected publications posted online and in printed magazines. Click here to view.
Of course, you are also invited to join our English speakers Facebook Fan Group to stay in touch.

Sneak Peek
And a bit from behind the scenes, the FunkKit team has been “Busy, Busy, Busy” in tradeshows in Germany, Hong Kong, USA, China and Japan. Meeting thousands of consumers and exhibitors, speaking with hundreds of people a day and hearing “FunkKit – Stickers for Sneakers” in all pronunciations :) We have seized some of this magic on video; we’ll soon share it with y’all.

We have recently also introduced FunkKit – Pre Cut Stickers for Sneakers and received advice and feedback from the community and clients.

Just before the countdown starts we would like to say once again, thank you to all of you! You have been a great help and support, and we rely on you to let us know exactly what you want, what you like and what you don’t like.
Feel free to contact us with any idea, feedback, or collaboration, or just to say “Hi”.
You can find us on Facebook or use the contact page.

There’s much more good stuff to come in 2012.
Happy new year to all!

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