Let the Show Begin! Gift & Premium Show


Funkkit Stickers4Sneakers tradeshow in HKtdcLast month, the FunkKit team took a trip to Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair, to exhibit our Stickers for Sneakers. We set up a booth among hundreds of other exhibitors and met people from all around the world who were looking for new fun and exciting products to bring back to their countries. Since FunkKit is the first company to produce Stickers for Sneakers, we attracted a good deal of attention from visitors and got a lot of compliments for the creative, unique concept idea for shoe customization. FunkKit & Obien Stickers4sneakers show in Taiwan
We received interest from many retailers from Australia, New York, South America, Japan, Hong Kong, and Europe who loved the idea of Stickers for Sneakers.

All in all, FunkKit was very well received in Hong Kong! And we got some time to tour around the city after the show, which was an extra fun perk.

Our Taiwanese counterpart, Obien EZ Stickers, also attended a trade show — Taiwan’s largest and best B2B gifts and stationery purchasing exhibition, “Giftionery Taipei 2012 – Taipei Int’l Gift & Stationery Show 2012″. To find out where in Taiwan you can buy their products, or just to see some really cool and unique ways to use Stickers for Sneakers, visit their website at www.obien.shop.conn.tw.
FunkKit Obien Stickers4Sneakers show in Taiwan
Even the “New York 17″ T-shirt (photo on the left) has been customized with our stickers, a combination of Dorit Maya Gur’s Comic design and Elina Fraerman’s Origami design.

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