Skulls & Ponies DIY

FunkKit has hit the blogs again. This time we collaborated with Fran of , who creatively revamped her flats by using cut-outs of the sticker “Cassette-Remember?”. What a great idea! We haven’t seen anything like it before.
Check out the link here for the full tutorial, so that you can make your flats look like hers.

Skulls and Ponies funkkit stickers for sneakersSkulls and Ponies funkkit stickers for sneakers

Fran is also hosting a giveaway of three FunkKit Stickers for Sneakers kits, so make sure to check out her website for the details and enter to win! If you’re interested in creative DIY projects and bargain buys, we recommend checking out the rest of Skulls and Ponies as well- Fran is one very creative girl and her blog is full of fun projects and informative articles. She definitely lives by the FunkKit motto of “Go Creative”.

Thanks Fran, for this great collaboration!

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