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A few posts ago we published “Newspaper” with creative shoe designs all related to newspapers, and before that, we published “Wandering the Web – Sneaker Designs” with inspirational shoe designs all related to the World Wide Web. This week, we decided to aggregate useful shoe designs to be used in case of an emergency… Designs like the metro map, a cheat sheet in Chemistry or Math, or a Monopoly style board, in case you get bored. custom shoes - South Korean city of Seoul

The sneakers design on your left represent the South Korean city of Seoul. The artist, Abmnatn, says that you could actually use them to find your way around the city if needed.

For the chemist-to-be, see below how to pass your Chemistry exam!
(I’ve to agree that this could have defiantly been helpful during my school years.) (Zazzle.com )

And if you are a doctor-to-be, then the sneakers below could interest you; The designer of these shoes referenced an anatomy book and painted the muscular structure of the foot on each of his white canvas shoes in acrylic paint. Sexy, right?

If you are neither a doctor nor a chemist, but rather a computer scientist, Reebok and designer John Maeda teamed up to bring art and science together and create this colorful shoe where the inside sole and lining are John’s actual hand-written code, the same code that generates the graphics you see on the exterior of the shoe. Want one? Only 100 of them were available.

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