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Check out the shoes in the pictures below. One of them is a FunkKit original peacock design by Meirav (as applied to a regular sneaker) and one has been manufactured by Creative Recreation (as a permanent design), and originally sold for €150. Can you guess which is which?

Peacok Style Footwear Creative Recreation and FunkKit Stickers

I bet you can’t. They’re practically identical! No one would know that one cost almost 200 USD and the other can be purchased for only $9.20 plus shipping. (The one on the right is the FunkKit shoe, by the way). We are always saying that FunkKit is an inexpensive way to make your shoes look like high fashion, and now you can see for yourself that it’s true! Here’s another pair to compare- this time it’s a Jimmy Choo men’s shoe, retailing at $908 USD, versus Funkkit “Going Wild” by Naria R. and “Zebra Style” by Roy T.:

Jimmy Choo Mens Footwear Zebra StyleCreative Recreation FunkKit Stickers Zebra Wild

Send us an email with any other similar designs you find, and we might feature them in our blog!

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