FunkKit Eyeformation FunkKit - Eyeformation designed By Frank Casazza

FunkKit's Pre-Cut Stickers are the same familiar stickers for sneaker, yet now, there is no need for scissors and cutting. The Pre-Cut Stickers are already cut according to the image size. You simply peel the sticker off and stick it on the desired area on the shoe, simple as that.

Design Inspiration:
My designs for FunkKit are done in the +EF+Soft+ style that has been inspired by years of television characters and the American skateboarding culture, sprinkled with the flow and vibe of the streets.

About the designer:
Frank Casazza is an American artist and creator of Eyeformation Studio. His +EF+SOFT+ style has been found on a range of products from skateboards, sneakers, and T-shirts to large format murals for a wide variety of clients. His work has been spread across the globe in the USA, South America, Europe and Asia. Everyday is a new artistic venture for Frank, weather it's with traditional paint or digital vector hes ready to seize the day. Be on the look-out for more eyeformation works wherever you may be.

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